Month: September 2016

4B: Dreki Spa and Lounge

Project Title: Dreki Spa and Lounge 4B Design Studio: Andrew Levitt Date: Summer 2015 The Spa at Dreki was the design project of the 4B Studio at UWSA. The design problem is how to address the remoteness and extreme site conditions of a place like Dreki. Dreki is a small camp in the north eastern part of Iceland, sitting at a the coordinates of N65° 2′ 31.067″ W16° 35′ 43.006″….

Detroit by Design

Project Title: Detroit By Design Architect: BBB Architects Date: Fall 2012 The Detroit by Design competition was held to re-imagine Hart Plaza and its relationship to the greater context of Detroit. By analysing historical city axis, bring inwards a new relationship to the waterfront, and proposing moving the famous Joe Louis arena, (prior to the announcement that it was to be moved anyways in 2014) were the big moves in…


Project Title: B31 Architect: Stantec Architecture Ltd. Date: Winter 2015 The following is a series of images I had participated in created while at Stantec Architecture Ltd. for my final Co-op term. My responsibility was in creating components of the 3D model, presentation diagrams and drawings.The maintenance of certain components of the project Revit File was also distributed to myself including the inclusion of Civil and Landscape drawings to site….

Rockstar Café

Project Title: Rockstar Café Date: Summer 2016 Rockstar Café is an up and coming location in the Kitchener Waterloo Region specifically targeted the budding entrepreneurial client. The café looks to merge business meetings and familiar social settings to encourage idea exchange and facilitate entrepreneurial encouragement. The following work was a series of images done in partnership with the Client. The responsibility surrounding the project was to create a series of…