A Streaming Strategy & Portfolio Update

Date: August 22, 2016


As I have recently shifted from full-time to part-time student status in the completion of my M.Arch, I have begun streaming the final drawing and modelling stages of my work. I will eventually get around to posting about my thesis soon enough with some of my writing, but I will be making it the main focus of my stream for the Fall. However, when the thesis is complete I do wish to continue the stream as a method of constantly updating my potfolio and creating 3D models that will be downloadable to increase the model community for Rhinoceros 3D.

I have decided to break the stream into 2 themes…



Monday Modelling!

Alliterations are fun, but so is orbiting around 3D digital space. I use Rhino5 as my 3D software, which is different to most 3DM software as it is a NURBs modelling system. The goal of the Monday stream will be the heavy lifting of creating new geometry or drafting in the software to create raw renders of the finished products! While I am in school, the stream will be during 1 – 4 pm EST as I have many student initiative obligations that take over my evenings in the form of meetings and events.

I really enjoy using Rhino as I feel like I have a lot of control of my objects. So much control in fact, that at times there are so many ways to proceed you can remodel your product many times before reusing the same methodology. A portion of my stream on Mondays will be educational in the attempt to highlight some modelling methods, create some challenging modelling projects, and to build an interesting portfolio.

If you want some technical information of what NURBs are, and why they are important to Rhino, read more here on the wiki!


So what am I going to work on today? Well I have a community centre that I plan on modelling for my thesis!



Thursday Rendering

I don’t have a fun alliteration for the Thursday stream name yet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

Thursday will be the continuation day of the work accomplished on Monday. During the week between the Monday modelling, I will have baked out something we are going to focus on doing some post-production work. These could be renders, (I use V-Ray for Rhino 5) which will then be going into Adobe products to brush up, or they could be architectural drawings that we continue to build or line weight in some post-production software.

This show will often be a lot more laid back. Perhaps a drink in hand, some nice company would be appreciated as we tackle these projects. Perhaps you will learn or help me learn a trick or two within the software, as I don’t claim to be any good at Photoshop or Illustrator. The timing is the same as the Monday stream while I’m still in Cambridge, so it is 1 pm – 4pm EST.



Portfolio Update

So I highly doubt any one would have noticed, but I have changed my website. My old website was pretty sweet, except I didn’t like how buried my posts were and it was overall just a little too big for the amount of content I was coming online to post. My portfolio’s in the past have been pdf documents or print documents that I was personally distributing, therefore I had not come back to upload anything to my website since 2013! But then I got my GoDaddy bill the other day, auto-renewing my domain… So I figured it’s time to move forward, update everything, and re-brand myself. This also lined up nicely with my first steps into the Streaming world, so it gave me the opportunity to unify my icons and style across platforms.

So why am I making this portfolio statement? Well, once the thesis is done, I will need content to stream. A good route that I am considering is re-addressing old school projects. Essentially re-doing my projects one term at a time. This also solves the problem of myself just re-uploading my old portfolio all at once and flooding my new clean website with posts that are back dated. I also kind of like the idea of this journey. Essentially, “What would I have done differently in Undergrad now that I have my Masters?“. Hitting the reset button on the test drives and coming up with more complete original ideas and better execution with the skills I have developed over the last 5 years. I think it sounds like a fun set of projects.

As for uploading old co-op pieces, I am going to try to space them out so I do not over fill my post board with content that will push down the relevant items.



What’s with the Products Tab?

I am testing out a WooCommerce plug-in for my website as a method of distributing block 3D models that I create in my Monday Model Stream. The idea is that there will be models that I have built on stream that I want to share with the audience, and they can come here to download them. I will post about it more when I have more content to fill up the shop!



This was a very long update post, but for those who are interested in hearing what I have to say I will try my best to create meaningful posts more often now that I am happier with where I am in life and with web design.


Thank you for stopping by!