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Hi, my name is Andrew Cole and I am a student, designer, problem-solver, and future architect.


[toggle title=”What other hobbies do you have?”]

I follow a lot of sports. I enjoy playing soccer, hockey, and volleyball as my primary sports. I also play the piano, draw, and enjoy the odd video game. =3


[toggle title=”Whats your blog about?”]

I am not an blogging maniac, however I want to use it to post my works in progress and other neat things that I am interested in!




[toggle title=”What school do you attend?  ” active=”yes”]

I attend the University of Waterloo School of Architecture. I will complete my undergrad by August 2015 with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies.


[toggle title=”Favourite Sports Franchises?”]

Toronto Maple Leafs, Chelsea FC, New York Giants, Toronto Blue Jays. My colours are blue.


[toggle title=”Do you offer free-lance services?”]

If you have a job, I will do the work! Please use the Contact page to get the discussion going!



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