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September 2017
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I am currently streaming my thesis process work and other creative personal projects over on Twitch. I hope to produce some engaging content that will be educational and entertaining.


My Stream Schedule

Tutorial Content

I’m on Revlo!

My current stream schedule is Tuesday’s, 4 – 7 pm. (EST), and Wednesday 4 – 7pm (EST). I will try to keep the content in those hours exciting by focusing Monday streams around 3-D modelling, and Thursdays streams on architectural rendering or drawings. That way there is a balance of quality production occurring each week.
Through the process work, I have tried to record some of the topics that have been raised in chat and am compiling tutorial content. I will be posting blog updates to videos taken from the live-stream to create educational content on how to break into using Rhinoceros 3D Modelling and Adobe Creative Suite.
Revlo is a really cool engagement platform for Twitch content creators. I have created my own set of commands and rewards for those who come and participate in the live stream. For those who want to learn more about Revlo, check it out my rewards page here: .






What is Twitch?  Twitch is an online broadcasting platform for live internet content creators. Usually you will find a lot of video-game content creators, but it has since expanded to cover other creative outlets. Here is a link to my channel!

Why is your name rep_Coleslaw? rep_Coleslaw is a play off my last name. When I was playing a lot of Blizzard products as a kid, your user name did not identify your character names (ie. D2 and WoW for those who know). However as more ladder /competitive related games were released, your ID became you’re outward name to other competitors. Instead of reinventing it, I just have come to own the oddity that is Coleslaw as an internet identifier.

When are you going to finish Thesis? Hopefully by October. But also, don’t ask me that.